Welcome to Table Rock. Home of Rockamania. We are located at the top of Backbone Mountain in Garrett County Maryland.

Food Hotline For Carryout Or Call Ahead: 301.334.2393
Open Monday - Friday 3 PM - Close. Open Saturday at High Noon till Close.
We Are Located At: 4676 George Washington Highway, Oakland MD, 21550

Approx. drive time from Morgantown WV - 1 hour 20 minutes

Approx. drive time from Pittsburgh, PA - 2 hours

Approx. drive time from Baltimore, MD - 3.5 hours

Have a band and wanna rock? We are always looking for live entertainment.

Contact Matt for booking 240.321.4770


2013 News Table Rock Bar


Welcome to 2014 at Table Rock Bar! We are finally back open. Rockamania 5 is on for this Month and we are back open daily to serve the public.


Food & Kitchen Will NOT be fully open until after Rockamania.


For further updates... look at the facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/tablerockbar


Rockamania 5






Get The Real News


Table Rockamania is Garrett County's Annual Outdoor Party.

Our 2012 has passed....but Rockamania 3 proved to up the ante for Table Rock's premiere annual event. A detailed listing of events and activities for Rockamania 4 is in the works. For you newbies, read the description below of last years event.


Below is a list of this past year's activities and events. Rockamania 4 will undoubtedly be larger and even more slammed packed with crowd pleasers.

live music at table rock


Kenny Jones

Kenny Jones

Energetic Country Music covers along with a few southern rock classics.... Kenny draws some of the biggest crowds around! Don't miss him at Table Rock. Check the events page (above) for show dates.

Kenny can be reached on Facebook here.

Floyd Cowger

Floyd Cowger

Homegrown County Music from Silver Lake, WV. Floyd has been touring the tri-state area for years playing his own variety of classic country music. Floyd is also the host of the One Man Jam Festival at Silver Lake. This annual event is badass and never a dull time. OMJ Fest is June 8, 9 & 10, 2012!!!!! Come out and get Whiskey Bent and Hellbound!

Connect with Floyd on facebook by clicking here.

Travis Minnick

Travis Minnick

Travis plays a mix of modern country hits along with his very own pure country originals. You can visit his website here at travisminnick.com Multiple CD's are available for purchase on the website.

Travis is a regular at Table Rock. So check the events page and come out to see one of the best local country acts.

Check out Travis on facebook here.

guns out at sundown

Guns Out At Sundown

A pure Metal Assault on your ears. Born of Garrett County, this band continues to build a loyal audience and performs a devastating stage show. Metal fans all over can finally hear full on Metal at Table Rock... The only local venue that has the balls to support Heavy Metal Music.

Be sure to visit GOAS on facebook by clicking here!

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Instrumental METAL at its best. You will want to see the electrifying highpriest at Table Rock. These guys let the music do the singing. Also a local band from Garrett County, MD. Keep checking back on the events page for future dates.

Visit highpriest on facebook by clicking here!