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Below Is A Short and Sweet Listing Of Upcoming Events at Table Rock. Keep checking back for updates.

Be sure to check out our facebook page for more updates. The facebook page is updated daily.

2013 Event Schedule



October 12 - Table Rocktober Doors Open at 3 PM


October 17 - Wing NIte w/ Scott Alexander


October 24 - Wing Nite w/ Neil Krebbs


October 26 - Sexy Halloween w/ DJ Double D


October 31 - Wing Night w/ Chip Rowen Slash/Haloween PARTY





November 2 - Kenny Jones Band


November 7 - Floyd Cowger


November 9 - DJ DOUBLE D


November 14 - Wing Night w/ Neil Krebbs


November 21 - Wing Night w/ Chip Rowen


November 23 - DJ DOUBLE D




December 5 - Wing Night w/ Kenny Jones 7PM


December 12 - Wing Night w/ Chip Rowan 7PM


December 14 - Kenny Jones and the whole f'n Band


December 19 - Wing Night w/ Neil Krebbs 7PM


December 26 - Wing Night w/ Luke Hoover 7PM


December 28 - New Years Party For Working Class Saturday with DJ DOUBLE D


December 31 - The REAL New Years Eve Bash, TUESDAY NIGHT PARTY, OPEN TILL 4AM LADIES!!!!





January 2 - Wing Night w/ Obie "BIG" Johnson